Dealing with a blocked drain as a young person

I started living on my own recently, two months ago in fact. Everything seemed to be going fine….I was paying my bills on time, saving electricity by always turning off lights, keeping the place in general very tidy all of which would make my parents proud.

However, one thing I must have lapsed on was my washing dishes habit. Now usually I’m pretty good with this but I guess lately I have been washing food and lots of old cooking oil down the drain as I hate the idea of collecting it to be recycled (don’t worry I have changed my mind after the experience).

So about a week ago I noticed my water in the kitchen sink was beginning to get slower and slower in leaving the sink down the drain hole. At the time I didn’t think much of it (warning to anyone who has this, act NOW not later). The next day water just wasn’t moving through it at all, my drain was officially clogged up. I wouldn’t have been so panicked but I had my landlord coming to check the place out in a few days and he is a particularly extreme clean freak and perhaps a little OCD.

I immediately took to the web to look for solutions, I stumbled across a website listing a number of drain cleaner products which I immediately went onto Amazon and purchased almost all of them needless to say.

The products arrived a couple days later and I began desperately trying everything, things would work but I could still tell the block was there and I was about to call a plumber until I tried the last thing I had yet to try- basically a can of compressed air to blast down the drain. BOOM…it worked,  in the process of covering me in disgusting gunk and old food, but it worked! Thank God.

Story over!

Hello Word /end program

Hello people of the world. I’m Amy. 21. Coffee nut. Nicotine addict. OCD. hypochondriac. Basically sound like an awful person to be around and maybe you’re right.

I have a few fantastic friends that can put up with my paranoid and scattered ramblings so I heart them to pieces and appreciate just how patient they are sometimes when I’m at my worse. We have a good time though right? hahaha

I’m a closest geek that loves all the nerdy stuff like Star Wars, LOTR, WoW, Diablo, pretty much all comic books (I have mixed strong feelings on all the film adaptations out).

I can’t wait to get the PS4, Xbox One looks….meh I don’t even need to say anything as everyone that’s interested in the console war knows how it’s going to play out.

I used to be a sporty person, I ran track in high school and even played hockey (although I was atrocious at that). My friends had so much fun watching me trying to get involved in the game when I didn’t even know how to hold the stick properly. Good times.

So that’s a little about me. Stay tuned for more